Partenariat pour la Protection Integree (PPI) is a non for profit, non-confessional and non-partisan civil society organization aiming at the protection of Human rights defenders (HRD) and the promotion of peace through tailored support to promoters of Sustainable Development Goal 16. That is Peace through inclusive society, Justice through access to justice for all and strong institutions through collaborative initiatives with both public servants and other civil society organizations to better their working conditions.

PPI was registered in 2017 in Democratic Republic of Congo as a national Civil Society Organization with mandate to extend its operations in Angola, Zambia, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Republic of Congo and Central Africa Republic.

PPI’s regional Office is based in Kampala-Uganda, which coordinates its Liaison Offices in Bukavu town, South Kivu Province, in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo; Luanda-Angola and Brazzaville-Republic of Congo as well as its focal points in the Netherlands and in France.