Promotion of peace, access to justice and institutional reforms is one of our programs .PPI work under PAJIR program converge with Sustainable Development Goal 16. Through the support to Human Rights Defenders Organizations that implement conflict transformation activities and initiatives that call for transnational cooperation for peace as well as the use of peacebuilding tools among youth victims of war, PPI assures universal access to justice, equal opportunities , constructive  cooperation between Civil Society Organizations  and State entities, and full respect for fundamental human rights. It reinforces the role of HRDs in peace building and the impact of peace on human rights promotion and vice-versa.

In cooperation with the protection program, PPI PAJIR ensures access to justice for HRDs across its target groups through bro-bono legal aid and legal representation, advocacy and institutional building.

PAJIR program is managed by the Partnership and research department. It conducts research in human rights and targets of SDG16. It organizes conferences to open the space to human rights defenders free voice and creates a cooperative environment among civil society organizations and States for constructive human rights engagements, reform of justice and security.