In view of the operational difficulties described above, it was agreed to create an Organization called "Partnership for Integrated Protection (PIP) which will operate in the DRC and its 9 neighboring countries in the form of partnerships with other Organizations involved in promoting, protecting and defending the rights of human rights defenders. Not only will this partnership maximize the chance to work for all human rights defenders regardless of geographical limitations, allow PIP to reach HRD working in exile but also create an opportunity for cooperation between human rights organizations in research for the purpose of promoting Articles 16 and 17 on the global agenda for sustainable development, with specific strategies to defy transnational organized crimes that would interfere with set goals among partners.

Impact Statement 1

PIP will have as impact a Pan-African community free from violations of its universal rights and fundamental freedoms.

Main areas of work 4
Protection of Human Rights Defenders through: 1
  1. Advocacy and legal aid
  2. Capacity building
  3. Urgent intervention
Promotion of sustainable development goal 16 through: 2
  1. Policy support to decentralized public institutions
  2. Learning sessions between civil society organization and public institutions
  3. Informative research on targets of SDG16
Results 2
  1. HRDs equipped to promote, defend and protect human rights safely
  2. Public policies are reformed to integrate the aspect of the human rights and a follow-up on the implementation of the reforms is guaranteed
  3. A strong partnership based on the protection of HRDs, Justice and Peace and strong decentralized institutions is established with state and non-state actors in the region.
Objectives 3

PIP pursues the following objectives:

  1. Strengthen the capacity of Human Rights Defenders
  2. Advocate for the rights of Human Rights Defenders
  3. Intervene urgently for Human Rights Defenders at risk
  4. Support government institutional reform plan for SDGs